the 2012 january / february newsletter edition is out now

2012-01-15_135751The January / February edition of the Frugal and Thriving newsletter is out now.

I had several ideas for this year’s newsletter theme but settled at the last moment on ‘thriving’, so as well as the usual frugal tips, I will focus on the thriving side of life!

I’m excited to say that there are now over 1,200 subscribers to the newsletter and I hope that you find it interesting and beneficial. If you have suggestions for ways of improving it or ideas for content I would love to hear them!

This issue includes:

  • A link to the 2012 reader survey (if you haven’t seen it yet :) ).
  • Links to budgeting and goal setting articles on the blog
  • 12 uses for lemons around the home
  • 10 tips for having more energy
  • Articles from the archives
  • Links to blogs around the web
  • A free kid’s recipe book.

If you haven’t signed up for the Frugal and Thriving newsletter and would like to do so, you can subscribe here. Note: The newsletter gets sent out once every two months (and that’s all – no spammy stuff!) and is separate from the daily blog post email subscription.