tip tuesday–desk drawer organisers

tiptuesdayAs part of our recent decluttering, my desk drawer got reorganised. After removing the compass and thumb tacks, the drawer’s contents kept the little fella amused while I sorted, tossed and recycled.

There was all sorts of stuff filling the drawer – I had stationery (never used) that I was given when I was ten years old. And four calculators. And two dictionaries.

Stuff. Piled high.

This is the result of the cleaning:


Much neater and more user-friendly. The drawer ‘organisers’ are tea and cruskit boxes as well as a few origami boxes. To use recylced boxes, tape the ends back together and then cut one of the sides off to make a box.

The origami boxes (with lids) hold thumb tacks and paper clips. I made these from plain printing paper about 15 years ago and they are still going strong! You can find instructions on making them here.


The upside to using old boxes for drawer organisation is twofold:

  1. Small things are contained and don’t roll around every time you open the drawer.
  2. It’s free.

Hopefully it will stay tidy a little longer this time. How do you organise your drawers?

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  1. Felicity says

    I don’t really have a system as such, but l like the minimalist look. In other words just have the things l need in each drawer (not piled high) so that a quick look and l can’t find what l want. One layer of stuff on the bottom of the drawer only. If anything old or not going to be used – turf it. I’m one of those people, if l can’t see it right in front of me l forget l have it.

  2. says

    That’s disciplined – I start out well, and after a few weeks, everything gets messy and piled high again. Sigh. I’m hoping this system works a little better.

  3. trish says

    Empty tissue boxes and shoe boxes are great desk drawer organisers!

    PS: Love your website, great articles!