tip tuesday – recycled mini cookie cutter

tiptuesdayI can’t take credit for this one. We were cutting out shapes from the play dough when the little fella ran to the cupboard and returned with a milk bottle lid (we collect these for play).

And so the idea was born: a (clean) milk lid cookie cutter.

I altered the design a little by hacking cutting a hole in the top of the lid with a knife. There were two reasons for this: the first is to push the dough off the cookie cutter after the shape has been cut; the second is to stop air ‘resistance’ when pressing the milk lid into the dough. Here are a few pictures of the cookie cutter in action:

milk top cookie cutter

milk top cookie cutter

And these were the end product: chocolate freckle cookies.

Freckle cookies

The recipe, by the way, comes out of the Woman’s Weekly BAKE cookbook, which I love. So many good recipes, it gets good use.

The little fella refused point blank to taste the dough – I guess all the nagging of ‘don’t eat dirt’ and ‘don’t eat play dough’ has worked.

More for mum.

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