recycled paper craft roundup

Magazines, junk mail, catalogues…turn unwanted paper into beautiful creations for yourself or as gifts for friends and family.

Magazine box @ Farm and Fru Fru
Magazine reed box @ Craft Stylish
Magazine Coasters @ How About Orange
crafting a green world 
Recycled origami banner @ Crafting a green world 
make projects
Woven map basket @ Make: Projects
Race car book @ Little Family Fun
Magazine jewellery @ Craft Stylish 
Magazine bow @ How About Orange
Journal from old book @ Craftzine
Magazine gift bags @ Little Dishy
Recycled gift bow @ The Wind and a Sail
Recycled magazine art @ A Little Hut
Chinese New Year’s Dragon @ Kaboose
Magazine mirror frame @ Fleeting Thing
Magazine Business Card Holders @ How About Orange
Magazine trivet @ Artsyville

Paper pulp tray @ Creative Jewish Mom
Recycled paper rose @ Neuro Crafts
Recycled paper notebook @ Design Sponge
Business card booklet @ Art Mind
Matchbook notepad @ Daisy Janie
DIY Notebook @ Dittle Dattle
Paper wreath @ Paper
Paper beads @ Michael Creations

Seen any great recycled paper crafts around the web? Maybe you have a recycled paper craft project or tutorial on your blog? Why not share it in the comments below?

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  1. Cara says

    After reading this post I decided to do something about all of my junk mail piling up. I rarely read it but do like doing so when I get the chance, my partner sometimes reads it, but more often than not it piles up on the hallway cabinet and overflows on to the floor before I frustratingly pick it up and put it in the recycling bin, dropping half of it back onto the floor as I make my way down the hallway to the bin out the back.
    I usually shop at Aldi for non-perishables and they let you use their empty boxes if you don’t bring your own bag for packing groceries in. Most of their boxes have part of the front missing, as they display their goods in them on the shelf. I thought this would be the perfect holder for my junk mail while it was waiting to be looked through, and then I could use it as a carry-box to prevent me from dropping it along the hallway.
    So I tore out pictures from the catalogues, and some big red dots claiming huge savings of percentages off regular ticketed prices. I layered the paper all over the cardboard box using a mixture of PVA/Craft Glue and a small amount of water (this allowed me to be a bit frugal with the amount of glue I used and also it was easier to spread around). I did a final coat of plain unmixed PVA and left it to dry for 24hrs. The result was a stiff hard glossy container that was covered in all kinds of pictures depicting what should be stored in it. I was quite happy with it, as I am not usually very creative, all of my sewing projects are from a pattern as sewing is usually my only creative outlet.
    Thanks, for your inspiration and my uncluttered hallway.

    • says

      Wow! Thanks for sharing – what a great idea! I love frugal solutions to problems, I really believe that frugality inspires creativity, and this is a great, creative solution (that’s practically free!) Thanks once again for sharing your success.


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