one frugal toy that is getting some mileage

DSC04928 The best toy we’ve gotten for the little fella so far is a set of plastic picnic cups that I picked up for $3 at Kmart. They have kept him amused for the last five months and there is still plenty of future fun potential for these cups. Here are some of the games we play with the cups as well as some games I can envision for the future.

  • Stacking and unstacking
  • Building towers and knocking them over
  • Listening (ocean sounds in the cup)
  • Using as a phone
  • Talking into the cup and making funny noises
  • Wearing a cup as a hat (gets endless laughter)
  • Putting stuff into the cup and tipping it out again
  • Hiding toys beneath the cups and finding them again
  • Scooping water
  • Playing skittles
  • Spinning the cups
  • Rolling them
  • Banging cups together
  • Throwing them (which is fun when you’re eight months old)
  • Learning colours (putting same colour objects into the right cup)
  • Building sandcastles and mud pies
  • Tiddlywinks and throwing things into the cups from a distance (this keeps mummy amused at the moment)
  • Catching things using the cups (like indoor lacrosse)

DSC04929Oh yeah, and when all the games are over, we can use them to drink out of.

I honestly believe that more fun can be had with simple objects rather than the battery powered ones, particularly at this age. Relatives have given battery powered toys that make music and have flashing lights, and the little fella’s attention span for these things is only a couple of minutes at most. An empty greengrocer box, on the other hand, keeps him amused for ages. In a world where you can buy everything and anything, kids really benefit from frugality. It helps them develop attention and concentration, as well as imagination and creativity. But more importantly, it is a whole heap more fun to play with stuff yourself rather than watching a machine do all the playing for you.

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    Thanks Maria, nothing wrong with promoting your blog, and I had a look at some of your ideas and love them. I’ve vistited before and enjoyed your blog. The only problem was you made me so homesick! I grew up in Bathurst and seeing the country side around Sofala in your photos really makes me want to go home.