handmade Christmas decoration roundup

temariMaking Christmas decorations as a family lends a special touch to the occasion – decorations have sentimental value rather than just being something plastic and purchased. Crafting your own decorations is also a way to extend the Christmas joy beyond a single day, especially if your children are old enough to be involved in the crafting.

While it’s tempting to create ‘the perfect Christmas’ with all the bells and whistles, I’ve decided that we can start small with sparse decorations and craft more each year.

When it comes to finding inspiration, websites like Pinterest and Craftgawker are definitely great places to waste a few hours find inspiration. Below are just some of the wonderful things I found on these sites as wells as around the internet.

While looking for decorations, I came across the ancient Japanese tradition of Temari: making balls out of thread in gorgeous patterns (pictured above). This is not a casual craft but involves a lot of skill and dedication. The results though, are absolutely stunning! For information about this craft you can find some interesting Youtube videos here and here as well as tips, directions and patterns here, here, here and here.

Paper tree @ Milo Made
button wreath
Button wreath @ Martha Stewart
felt houses
Felt Houses @ Poopscape Projects
yarn wreath
Yarn wreath @ Better Homes and Gardens
Felt ball garlands @ According to Kelly
paper ball
Scalloped paper ball @ Laura Wears
Paper snowflakes @ Ellinee
softdrink can star
Soft drink can star @ Milo Made
monogrammed ornaments
Monogrammed ornaments @ MADE
tree ornaments
Tree ornaments @ Marvels and Jambalaya
Yarn balls @ Sew Wrong
outdoor light decoration
Outdoor light decoration @ eHow
paper decorations
Paper ornament tutorials @ Etsy
button decorations
Button decorations @ Childhood 101
String balls @ Simple Mom
fabric trees
Mini fabric Xmas trees @ Lemon Tree Creations
wine bottle display
Wine bottle display @ Cleverly Inspired

Jersey and wool felt stocking @ Prudent Baby
xmas card wreath
Christmas card wreath @ Michaels
felt balls
Felt snow balls @ Purl Bee
paper garland
Paper garland @ Hambly Screen Prints
paper wreath
Paper wreath @ Pure Green Designs
paper snowflake wreath
Paper snowflake wreath @ How About Orange
paper ornaments
Paper ornaments @ Design Sponge
Christmas ornament @ Little Blue House
toilet roll ornament
Toilet roll ornament @ Michele Made Me
felt ball ornaments
Felt covered balls @ Better Homes and Gardens
toilet roll decorations
5 Toilet roll decoration ideas @ Paper Crafts
felt ornaments
Felt ornaments @ Domestic Fluff
star ornaments
Felt star ornaments @ Purl Bee

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