for the home–12 days of christmas crafting round up

12daysofcrhistmascraftingbuttonsmallWelcome to the first instalment of the 12 Days of Christmas Crafting Round up. I know, October is a little early to start thinking about Christmas, but if you’re going to be crafting any gifts, it’s much easier and less stressful to start early.

Below are some tutorials, ideas and inspiration for home decor type handmade gifts.

etched glass votive
Etched glass votive @ At Second Street
ribbon trimmed tea towels
Ribbon trimmed tea towels @ Sew 4 Home
scrap pot holders
Scrap pot holders @ My Girl Thursday
modern tea light holder
Modern tea light holder @ The Polkadot Chair
BBQ hanging towels
BBQ hanging towels @ The Silly Pearl
tile shell art
Tile shell art @ C. W Frosting
tile message board
Tile message board @ Tater Tots and Jello
fridge pocket
Fridge pocket @ The Ideas Room
resin embedded coffee bean storage jar
Resin coffee storage jar @ Dollar Store Crafts
tissue box holder
Tissue box holder @ Design Sponge
sofa caddy
Sofa caddy @ Sew 4 Home
mug rug
Mug Rug @ In Color Order
cereal box coaster and trivet set
Cereal box coaster and trivet @ Green is Universal
wipe-able place mats
Wipe-able place mats @ Little Bean Workshop
kitchen aid cover
Kitchen aid cover @ Heart of Mary
reverse applique placemats
Reverse applique placemats @ The Purl Bee
coffee plunger cosy
Coffee plunger cosy @ Bugs and Fishes
casserole carrier
Casserole dish carrier @ Little Birdie Secrets
cloth napkins
Cloth napkins @ Prudent Baby
scrap paper memo box
Scrap paper memo box @ Homework
wine barrel lazy susan
Wine barrel lazy susan @ Lil Blue Boo
slate serving tray
Slate serving tray @ Pizzazzerie
stash basket
Stash basket @ Purl Bee
sewing caddy
Sewing caddy @ How Joyful
recycled hanging organiser
Recycled hanging organiser @ Small Fry & Co
denim foot stool
Denim foot stool @ Michelle Made Me
toy animal planter
Toy animal planter @ The Thrillz of Hillz

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  1. Felicity says

    Melissa, l love the lists of craft tutorials …..even though l look at things and go what a great idea – l would love to make it – but alas l am a lazy biatch most times and l just know l won’t actually ever do it. But l just have to say with regards to Christmas – l don’t “do” gifts (my family know what l am like….they are not offended……lol) ….but now l have nieces l do get something small for them. Last year was funny because l only had 1 niece then – l bought her something and texted my brother saying……….that’s my Xmas shopping done. I could feel his eyes rolling at me!

  2. Felicity says

    PS: l should also point out, l do NOT expect any gifts myself and always say to family not to worry about getting me anything…….

  3. says

    Hubby and I sometimes wonder if we should bother getting each other presents. It seems a bit weird seeing that we share an income and we ask for what we want.

    But we decided it would be nice to keep the tradition of Christmas alive – even if it is just a small, inexpensive token gift.

    You’re lucky that you have an understanding family! Buying *whatever* gifts just because we *have* to is one of my bugbears (but we still play along anyway). When I worked in retail I would often here: “Oh, that will do, I’m sick of shopping” or “We’ll just get them some kind of hamper”. If it’s the thought that counts, I don’t think there’s a lot of thought that goes into many gifts.

  4. Felicity says

    Wow working in retail you would have seen it all………….and then some………lol
    I must say a job in retail at Christmas time would be close to a nightmare to me. I’m more of a minimalist anyway………..if l get given stuff l won’t use……it’s just more stuff that is sitting around not being used – something that will need to be decluttered down the track.

  5. says

    I agree. I really don’t like getting stuff that I think ug, where am I going to put that (not that I’m being ungrateful :) ). I worked in the Christmas department for many years – last year was the first year I could listen to Christmas carols without losing it. Just as well for the little fella.