everything I want, money can’t buy

1185102_happy When I think of the things that make me happy, and what I want more of in my life, I realise that none of those things can be bought with money. I don’t want clothes or the latest gadgets or more stuff (ok, sometimes I do), instead, I want intangible things that improve the quality of life. Sometimes I get stuck thinking ‘I wish we had…’ but when I think deeply about it, I know I wouldn’t be any happier once we procured whatever item it is on the wish list.

I sat down and actually wrote out a list of things that would really make me happy. This is a good exercise to do, because now I can focus on those things that are important and that will bring greatest happiness. Here is the list I came up with:

I would like…

More energy. I would love to bound out of bed in the morning, have enough energy to chase after the little fella all day and still be able to get stuff done at night when he’s fast asleep and spend quality time with DH.

More fitness. Probably related to the above. I don’t enjoy the things that I used to. I think I would have more fun if I was fitter.

Better health. Who doesn’t want to be healthier?

To be more organised. I’m getting there slowly.

More patience. Generally, I think I’m fairly patient, but there’s still room for improvement. Having children certainly tones your patience muscles.

More grace. More acceptance. More goodwill. More fortitude.

More gratitude. I want to spend more time seeing the world through glasses half full, rather that glasses half empty (to extend the word play – the glass would have to be filled with red wine or pink lemonade to give that rosy glow).

More wisdom. I love getting older for just this reason. When I was about ten I read a book called ‘The Crone’ about a wise woman with gnarled hands who lived in a cave and to whom people came to for healing potions and advice. I remember thinking ‘that’s what I want to be when I grow up!’

More fun, more laughs, more silliness. This is really what being happy is all about, having fun and a lot of laughs with family and friends.

What things do you want that would make you really happy?

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  1. says

    More respect for myself so that I could work on many of the areas that you mentioned.

    What is it they say? You can’t give what you don’t have?

    thanks for making me think …

  2. Felicity says

    SLEEP would make me happy…………being able to go straight to sleep and go through 8 hours and wake up fine and dandy.

    As a life long insomniac my sleeping patterns are horrible – just that one thing would have a massive change in my quality of life.

  3. says

    Ah, sleep. I can appreciate that one. Sleep makes a huge difference to quality of life. On the up side, nights awake are usually spent thinking about Gerard Buttler…