easter 2011 craft roundup

notmarthaIt surprised me that there are a LOT of Easter craft tutorials on the web. Here is a small selection of ideas that would make nice gifts (and one or two quirky ideas that just appealed to me). The focus on gift ideas means that I haven’t included Easter garlands, wreaths, bunnies, chickens, eggs and other house decorations for the holiday. Do you decorate your home for Easter? Or is decorating for holidays an American thing? Just curious.

My favourite are the surprise eggs by Not Martha (they are gorgeous) but they would take a whole lot of time and patience to make. I also love the idea of having an Easter tradition with the children of growing grass in egg shells (from Rosy Posy). What a great idea! And you’re never going to believe how Sew Tara made her cake / treat stand.

I am one of the few people who love that they have hot cross buns in the store straight after Christmas, I love them so much (too much). I also love Cadbury Creme eggs and it’s a shame they only sell them for a couple of months in the year. Now I can make my own buns and creme eggs anytime!

Marshmallow bunnies @ Cute for Kids
magic onion
Silk dyed eggs @ Magic Onions
Creme filled eggs @ I really like food
Door hanger treat pouch @ Sunny Stampin
Egg grass @ Rosy Posy
‘Cadbury’ creme eggs @ From Glitter to Gumdrops
Edible Easter flowers @ The Happy Creator
Easter treat stand @ Sew Tara
Surprise eggs @ Sun Scholars
Surprise Eggs @ Not Martha
Hot cross buns @ Gourmet Traveller
Edible easter basket @ Wants and Wishes
Hot cross bun truffles @ Inspired by chocolate
Creme filled egg @ Very Vegan Holiday
Peanut butter Easter eggs @ Sugar Teachers
No mould bunny suckers @ From an Igloo
Easter basket @ Moda Bake Shop
Bunny basket @ Disdressed

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  1. Delphine says

    Thanks for digging up all the craft sites. I love going and having a look at all the creative ideas. I don’t decorate for Easter the same as I do at Christmas, but the table is usually awash with little eggs for the big family meal and there are a few cross stitch items hanging around. And there is a row of fluffy bunnies in the kitchen.