39 free apron tutorials

Photo from Modest Mavern

I thought that aprons were a bit passé, but lately I need to wear an apron all the time. All my clothes have grease marks on them from cooking and my hand-eye coordination seems to have gone out the window, because I even need an apron on while I eat. I love the cafe style aprons, but an apron without a bib just won’t cut it.

I always get a little carried away with these collections. I thought there would be only a couple of apron variations but 300 tutorials later, I’ve realised that that’s not the case. Every time I thought “last one” I came across a new design or a new design element that had to be included. The up side to this is that there is a variety of techniques and designs that can be used as inspiration and mixed and matched.

The Apron Tutorials

Pillowcase Apron
Pillowcase apron @ Vintage Indie
Simple Ruffled Apron
Simple Ruffled Apron @ Sew Retro Chic
Tea Towel Apron
Tea Towel Apron @ The Pickled Weasel
Plain Apron
Plain Apron @ Young Wifey
Festive Apron
Festive Apron @ Sew4Home
Lined Apron
Lined Apron @ Lulu Lolly Legs
Table Runner Apron
Table Runner Apron @ While They Sleep
Full Tea Towel Apron
Full Tea Towel Apron @ One Pearl Button
Cocktail Apron
Cocktail Apron with Pleats @ Grace Street Studios
Reversible Pocket Apron
Reversible Pocket Apron @ Pecan Sandies
Apron from Men's Shirts
Apron from Men’s Shirts @ Crafzine
Scraps Apron
Scraps Apron @ Connect the Dots Crafts
Box Pleat Apron
Box Pleat Apron @ Instructables
Reversible Cafe Apron
Reversible Cafe Apron @ 7 Layers Studio
Recycled Skirt Apron
Recycled Skirt Apron @ Pink and Polka Dot
Cafe Pocket Apron
Cafe Pocket Apron @ Vintage Image Madness
Utility Apron
Utility Apron From Jeans @ A Thousand Words
Girl’s Apron @ Ola Momma
Lined and Ruffled Apron
Lined and Ruffled Apron @ Modest Maven
V-Neck Apron
V Neck Apron @ Jordana Paige
Retro Patchwork Apron
Retro Patchwork Apron @ Carftster
Man's Shirt Apron
Apron From Man’s Shirt @ In My Apron Pocket
Cherry Apron
Cherry Apron @ Kyotijess
Triangular Apron
Triangular Apron @ What It Boils Down To
Scalloped Apron
Scalloped Apron @ Susan Branch
Craft Apron
Craft Apron @ Jane’s Apron
Craft Apron
Craft Apron @ Creative Little Daisy
 50s Glamour Apron
50s Glamour Apron @ Living Creatively
Hankie Apron
Hankie Apron @ Carol Sews
Child’s T-Shirt Apron @ Lu Bird Baby
Make Do Apron @ Mary Jane’s Farm
Tea Towel Apron
Simple Tea Towel Apron @ The Mikkelsens
Pouch Apron
Pouch Apron @ Clever Nesting
Bath Apron
Bath Apron @ Secret Stitch Club
Six Pocket Apron @ Stitches In Play
Gathering Apron
Gathering Apron @ The Cottage At Frog Creek
Kid's Sweater Apron
Kid’s Sweater Apron @ Green Kitchen
Craft Apron
Craft Apron @ Kerri Made
Smock Apron @ Prismera



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    these are great…i’m so glad you included the images,too! i can’t wait to check out the other wonderful posts:D
    i’ll be linking for the aprons!