Handmade Gifts Part 5 – Hampers and Gift Wrapping

Stuck for a Christmas gift idea? On a budget? Why not make your own Christmas gifts. I’ve put together a series of articles with ideas to help you get inspired. There are thousands of patterns and tutorials on the net, these are just a taster for inspiration.

If you haven’t already check out Part 1 – Bath and Body , Part 2 – Home and Garden, Part 3 – Accessories and Part4 – Food gifts.

A great way to gift your handmade goodies is to package them all together in a gift basket or hamper, or just a beautifully made gift box. One one hand I’m not keen on commercial gift hampers, but personalised handmade hampers are a totally different thing. I prefer not to use baskets but something that is going to be used.

One of the things that I like to do is to collect a few ideas such as hand embroidered napkins with homemade biscuits and personalised gift packed coffee on a inexpensive serving plate with matching mugs.

Themed hampers work well too, like spa hampers or baby hampers or garden hampers.


gardenhamper Handmade Gift Basket @ Inspired Apertrey Ink

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