10 ways to save money today

smiling piggy bank sitting in pile of coinStruggling to save some money? Want to action today instead of putting saving money in the ‘one day’ basket?

We all have good intentions when it comes to spending less. The problem is that life gets in the way and those good intentions don’t turn into actions.

Saving money doesn’t start at the bank. It doesn’t happen when you budget. Saving happens when you take action day to day and change your spending habits into saving ones.

Here are 10 ways to take action and save money today:

1. Make your own dinner and avoid takeaway and convenience food. Cheap, tasty and nutritious.

2. Walk instead of drive. Save petrol money and get fit! If you have to drive, park further away from work and walk the rest of the way.

3. Make a list before you go to the grocery store and stick to it. Save money by avoiding impulse buys. Better yet, cook from the pantry.

4. Pack a lunch and everything else. Take your own jar of coffee to work, put a bottle of water in your bag when you go shopping, carry a packet of nuts for times when the munchies hit, take your own food to the cinema.

5. Turn off the lights, unplug the plasma, take a shorter shower, say goodbye to the bar fridge – the pennies wont flow into your pockets today, but you will have a nice surprise next electricity bill.

6. Make a few phone calls. Spend a few minutes finding a better deal on your phone, net, electricity, insurance etc or negotiate a better deal with your current provider. It is amazing how much money you can save if you just ask.

7. Tame those addictions. Smoking, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, pay TV… They are all costing you money big time. Start cutting back today.

8. Start a wish list. Rather than buying that item that you really want or have to have, add it to your wish list then save for it. It is amazing how in only a few months (sometimes in only a few days or a few hours!) you wonder what on earth you wanted that for.

9. Make today a no spend day. Avoid spending any money at all. Or if that is not viable, spend only on the absolute bare necessities.

10. Put the money that you would normally spend on all of these things in your savings account. Savings don’t count unless you save them (as opposed to spending them on something else).

And one extra:

11. Pay a couple of extra dollars off your debts. A few dollars now doesn’t seem like much but the compounding factor means you can actually be saving yourself hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars.

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